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Beautifully Flawed; Finding your radiance in the imperfections of your life. An autobiography by Shari Rigby with Claire Yorita Lee.

Beautifully Flawed follows the tumultuous life of Shari Rigby, from a wild teenager coping with teenage pregnancy, marriage, drugs and rock n' roll, to a career woman desperately searching for love in all the wrong places.  Shari ultimately finds forgiveness, true love and realizes that often times our painful past can open doors to a hopeful future.


An inspiring story of how God can use broken people.

By Birdy on March 4, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

It takes a brave woman to write a book like this. In today's world we woman so often put on a facade that masks who we really are and what we've been through. By sharing her past, including all her flaws, Shari strikes a chord of authenticity that many of us are desperately needing. Everyone who reads this book is bound to relate to Shari on some level. She tells us about her dreams, disappointments, and failures, but unlike so much of what is on TV and in books today, she also shares how a broken life can be made whole again, finally finding true contentment and love. If you want to be filled with the hope that you too can find that love and fulfillment, I would highly recommend this book!