Based on the true story of ultra-marathoner David Horton,   Extraordinary chronicles the runner’s dream of completing a 3,000-mile trek despite the devastating consequences it brings on his body and marriage. As each step leads him closer to the finish line, Horton begins to realize his true legacy may be in his family rather than a collection of races. Created by the department of Cinematic Arts at Liberty University, Extraordinary stars a number of familiar faces including Shari Rigby, Kirk Cameron, and Karen Abercrombie



Chloe, a resilient college student, finds solace from her troubled past through art. When she starts having a recurring nightmare, she thinks it may be a repressed memory connected to the disappearance of a teenager 12 years earlier.


boonville redemption

A 13-year-old girl, born out of wedlock, is scorned by many in her small town. She struggles to find her place in the world and desperately searches for the truth about her real father.



A privileged young man (Cody Longo) travels to India and has an encounter with a starving child and her father that changes his life forever.



A beautiful and naive college freshman sets out on a road trip with her misfit friends to discover herself after she learns that her entire life is a lie.