Beautifully Flawed: Finding Your Radiance in the Imperfections of Your life

Struggling with her identity while living a life of unfulfilled dreams and hidden secrets, Shari Takes you on the adventure known as life.  From wild teenager dealing with pregnancy, marriage, adultery, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, to career woman desperately searching for love but finding it in the wrong places, Shari's journey is an inspiring story that teaches us our painfull pasts can open doors to a hopeful future.

Shari’s loving and giving heart is evident to anyone around her. She truly is a woman who uses her platform to make a difference in the lives of women in need of compassion, grace, and forgiveness. She is vulnerable enough to use her own past pain to prevent the future pain of others.
— Pastor Caroline Barnett, The Dream Center LA
Shari Rigby is a woman of God, Full of integrity, beauty and grace. her story captured within these pages reads like a romance novel only God could write.
— Ede Burch, K-Love and Air One

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We believe that the way to build deeper, authentic relationships is to allow ourselves to be real and vulnerable with each other. When we allow other women a glance into our lives, to see us for who God made us, flaws and all, we are creating true sisterhood.  Women need to know they're loved and can achieve their dreams no matter how messy their lives might look, despite whatever choices they have made.  Together we can inspire, spread hope, and make a difference.

You are the book, and God is the Author.  You're beautiful! Your story matters.  You Matter.

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